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Re: Can't miss this art


While enjoying your good humor, I have to respond in earnest...

If an artist is going to "hijack" a site, as you suggest, and make their work the center of attention, then they should create something worthy of that attention that raises the visual culture to a higher level.

The work that I have critiqued looks like an armature waiting for a good sculture to go over it. It raises nothing but the artist's income, at the price of future respect for the artist. Given that site, I think he should have either challenged his own dogmatic approach to art, or had the courage to admit that he was not the right artist for the job.

Michelangelo's genius helped elevate the standards for all who came after him. And his work does in fact harmonize with the sites that they dominate by the quality, not the discord of his work. One can create a work that achieves both harmonization and visual dominance, and looks like it always belonged there. This occurs in nature all the time...the Grand Teton mountains are an example. In architecture, Taliesen East in Spring Green, Wisconsin comes to mind.

When you have a site that is worthy of a masterpiece, as is the case with the Legion of Honor site, creating a " polished turd " to borrow a phrase, just because it attracts attention by being jarring, to me is a short-sighted, disrespectful blowing of a great opportuity.

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