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Re: Can't miss this art

Well you cant have it both ways. Earnestness in rhetoric cannot contain the term "polished turd". And lord knows I've seen as many of those turds out there as anyone - half-assed, ill conceived, poorly executed, thoughtless art that doesn't even embellish (and embellishment only requires handy hands). As much figurative as abstract.

Mark di Suvero has impacted modern outdoor sculpture as much as anyone has. In my book Serra and Smith are better yet he's better than Calder, Caro and T smith. These guys don't make any turds.

We all must compromise our individual creative ideologies to keep the payments coming in but when I'm typing I can entertain my druthers. Whether you will admit it or not, you would make every site that contained your work "Glennworld" if you could. I have had a taste of Evaldartworld and I think I like it. And if that is not your secret desire then you have set the bar too low for yourself.
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