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Re: Can't miss this art

Right Steven, part of the excitement of seeing other artists contributions or additions to a space is appoaching it with the openness of intellect that it gets a chance to succeed for you as it hopefully did for them.

It is a primal desire for living things to have as much control over their immediate environment as possible. Sculptors achieve this by their work reaching out, expanding their territory and potency.

The law of the jungle dictates that you will gain and lose territories throughout life until evidence of you presence has eventually faded. This might happen while you are alive or long after you are dead. You will feel greater fulfillment if you supect the latter will be the case.

There are those out there who want your world to be part of their you must simply find them, and do not disappoint.

Polished turds occur when the artist and the proprietors of an environment are unwilling to make a significant change with their additions and subtractions, the space morphing slowly and passively, unbeknownst to the passing utilizers.
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