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Re: Can't miss this art

[quote=GlennT]Ever feel like you woke up on the wrong planet?


Every morning, I'm pretty sure there's an alternate time-line where I'm a King or Pharaoh or something and having palm leaves waved over my face and being hand fed grapes by eager and attentive beauties. Fact of the matter is, that guy in that alternate universe doesn't know what he's missing.

Speaking of Michelangelo, the genitals and freudian interpretations of his work all show to some extent (a large extent in some cases) that his work struck great discord at the time in his selected environments as well, I.E. Church. Maybe this one doesn't show enough? I don't see anything being covered up as of yet.

The problem with trying to qualify art with a capitol "A" (for authenticity) is that we need objective parameters to first quantify it and the moment we try and do that, some different definition comes along to thwart our attempt. While I do agree with you that Art is better selfless and in harmony with its surroundings (at least for my general tastes), I can't rule out the idea that there's something to be found in sculptures like this.

Personally, I would rather see a nice big chunk of rock there in the shape of something either familiar or gently persuasive, but that's just me and I am biased and not really here anyway. I'm relaxing on my down filled king sized bed in my king sized bedroom in my king sized kingdom being pampered and adored.

Another grape please my sweetest and most favorite..
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