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Re: Can't miss this art


Just to be sure that we are on the same page here, my posts here have not referred to the one photographed and shown at the beginning of this thread, but rather a specific work of a similar type located in San Francisco on the central outdoor axis of the Legion of Honor art museum.
The museum by the way does not feature modern art like the De Young museum there,( recently built in an unusual modern style ) where the work that I have discussed would be much more appropriately sited than its current location. In fact, there it probably would harmonize with the environment and still stand out because of its bright color juxtaposed to the black steel of the building.

I am more opposed to the blatantly incorrect siting of the work than whether or not someone finds value in pondering the meaning of it all as they gaze at the steel beams.

Also, please note that I am addressing visual ( aesthetic ) discord, that is, the language of form, texture, color, and material as it has been applied. This is different than the philosophical or moral discord that Michelangelo's work may have provoked in his day.
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