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A small bronze head

I cast this recently. The head is about five inches tall.

Many of my pieces come with a tale. Here is her tale:
Société Mundial vol. 34, No. 7, July 2013

A curious bare space, on the right edge of Rodin’s massive sculptural masterpiece, The Gates of Hell, had art critics arguing even before the great man died, that something had been removed. The original plaster cast had stood in Rodin’s atelier for many years, waiting to be cast in bronze.
Had something been removed? If so, by whom? By a thief? A disgruntled associate? By Rodin himself? And if something had been removed, where is it now?

September 23, 2014
I thought it was accidental; but now I’m not so sure. She walked up beside me on the street in Mexico City and said in French, “I need your help.”
I best not say much more about her, other than that she was the kind of girl for whom men will do things, even when they should know better.
“What do you need?” I asked her.
She handed me a small bronze head. “Keep this for me until I come for it.”
I searched her face for a reason to refuse her.
“I cannot take it where I have to go now.” Then she turned, looked behind her one time, and walked away. I turned and looked―no one was there. I turned back to her, but she was gone.

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