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Re: IS the life of a painter easier? and other stuff

Musicians have wonderful boneyards. Almost as heavy as a sculptor's if they're makin any decent noise (Marshall stacks and Hammond B-3's rival our welding machines in wieght). Plus, the same "acquiring nature" that afflicts us sculptors posesses most musicians. Ineveitably they will have many, many instruments that they love - but that they don't play or are hopelessly broken. The attachment to these "objects" is very similar to our attachment to a big special rock or a crumpled steel beam. They are as dependent on these"tools" as we are in the the pursuit their pertinence. If sculpture became illegal tomorrow, I'd definitely punish them double with my those damn regulars better just leave me alone.

Of course, musicians have their poets too...acoustic transient protesters with big messages and small appetites and no boneyard.

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