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Re: Shovels are Art?

I think that guys work is just fine, and not at all because of any sculptural qualities but because of the manipulations of pattern, which is the flattest design entity possible. He raises it into the "real" (the 2.357 - D, would be my estimate). Good damned stuff if you ask me...thanks for the link Ries, I had never heard of him.

Not all bronze naked women sculpture are created equal though. and remember, they are only made bronze by the tradesmen and the intentions for permanence. It is CLAY work...the art is in the clay. So you are judging the metal snapshot, which is not at all the same as what it was cast from (though the do their best...those facilities). SO, by extension it is implied that you have an aversion to figurative work that ends up in bronze. I have seen many metal snapshots that quite delivered pretty-damned-well the message of imagining a figure in clay. But mostly they are sorry, sappy, civic things that arrive by any means necessary...more intent upon caricature than form and composition.

And the grand disclaimer of absolute subjectivity is certainly a card that me played at anytime during any (philosophial) argument; but in the interest in getting the most out of a discussion we must refrain in favor of the supremacy of conjecture.
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