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Re: Monument to the computer

Monument computer game

Relatively recently, I came up with the idea of ​​the monument to the computer. The monument is a huge computer monitor. At the bottom should be a small computer screen on which were willing to draw the pictures, which are displayed on a large monitor. That is, anyone could show his work to people who could be seen from afar a large monitor. That there were people who did not draw something very necessary, I expected to introduce a small fee for drawing. There was also the idea that people from any part of the world could draw pictures for a fee for online memorial as interested in presenting their work in a unique project. But gradually the idea to make a statue of a huge cube that represents a kind of monitor. Then there was the idea that you can make sure that people in the form of an avatar went online to the cube and it would be seen in the cube of the real world. You can also use the camcorder outside world inside a cube to avatars seen him. That is a simple idea, everyone should see the inside of the cube make avatars and avatar to be seen what happens outside of the cube. Come up with the idea of ​​the game remains to Avatar was fun to sit in a cube and do something. They can, for example, draw pictures and show them to people outside of the cube. In principle it is possible to realize any game idea. But even just being inside the cube, which admiring passers interesting. I want to put a monument in the same area in the German city and now am negotiating for permission to place a memorial. Money for the monument may be built on an American online project where people donate large sums of the different projects. I think it is not such a problem to collect $ 100,000. Need to find someone in the States who would agree to make the project and register it at this U.S. site, as this can only be done by Americans. If you have any ideas, I'll be glad to listen. Three major problems-
1. Raise money.
2. Agreement with the authorities for permission to place a memorial.
3. Engineering design problem cube
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