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Re: Cutting and bending rebar

Have you thought about using an electrical conduit bender Up here commonly called a "HICKEY". No I have only used one on the smallest sized rebar 3/8"dia. The benders common in assorted sizes I have 1/2" 3/4" and 1" You thread a section of pipe in for a handle and they have worked out all the math in a number of books which should give you a very close approximation of what you what. 45's,90's and off sets
Here are two of mine.

Here is a close up with some of the markings on the head.
This is a pipe vise which has 3 holes and bending jigs built in.

Only thing in using them the vise must be locked with a pipe to the ceiling or over heard beam and the floor to keep it in place, or bolted to the floor.

as each leg has a bolt hole.

It is much easier to use the conduit bender. They aren't expensive around $40.00 or less with out the handles for some over 1" they start to get pricey. Menards,Home Despot and High's sells them in most stores or their web sites
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