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Propane Tank Conversion to Tin Melter

Sorry if this is in the wrong topic area of the forum. I did not see a topic for tools and tips. I have an old propane can that is the size that would fit under an outdoor barbecue grill. An old friend gave it to me years ago when he shut down his beer making shop. The tank had an iron armature of some kind that was screwed into the top of the propane can - it allowed me to set my small melting pot (half pint size) over the flame and melt pewter and tin for my small castings. Believe it or not that little propane can lasted at least 20 years before finally running out of propane. I went around to all the refillers in my area and no one would refill it because the tank did not have the appropriate tags hanging on it.

So I bought an outdoor turkey grill setup that had a rather larger grill surface and would attach to a propane can. I bought a barbecue size can of propane and have used it to melt tin. The problem is the turkey grill set up is too big.

I would like to add another armature to the new propane can if possible that would let me set my small melting pot just over the flame - the original one is rusted on so strongly that I cannot remove it from the old can. The devise also has a nozzle under it that makes the gas/flame cone shaped. Does anyone know where I can buy something to convert the propane can to melt my tin?
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