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Re: Artist defends surfing sculpture amid criticism

Alfred, well, I'm going to have to disagree... the lifecast may take less artistic skill to complete, I'll grant that. But for the final piece, I really don't care about the method used as long as the end result is the best outcome. You still have to choose a pose, create a cast, rework the cast, maybe modify it, design a base, site the work, etc, etc.

By your definition, there is no art in photography, only painting. And I have to say, there's a lot of photographic work that is much better than some of the paintings in the world.

Would you say that cast bronze is less "art" than fabricated work? Because, you know, you are just working in clay or wax, which is quite easy compared to, say, cutting and welding the metal itself. Would one of your works be better if it was built up weld-by-weld directly in metal, rather than made in the simple to work wax or clay (then casts taken off that, same as you would with a life cast?)

I'm not actually saying cast bronze (or other metal) is worse than fabricated metal. My point is to say that one would be taking a relatively narrow view of art to decide that the process makes one piece better than another, especially if the process is not evident.

For that matter, if it's all about the process, would you consider a piece made from sculpy just as good as one cast in bronze? I mean, you'd use the same processes to make the "art" itself -- in some ways the sculpy may be more challenging... but I think most would prefer the bronze, no?
- Heath
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