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Re: Artist defends surfing sculpture amid criticism

By way of discussion, I cannot tell from looking at it whether the surfer sculpture posted by Merlion in post #53 is derived from a bodycast or from the modeling work of the sculptor. But I think that it is a beautiful work of art. It has a great strength of gesture and solid composition. If it was made from a bodycast, then my respect for the sculpting skills of the artist would be diminished, but it would not change my visual reaction to that particular sculpture. If it is modeled traditionally, then the sculptor has an excellent grasp of anatomy and great modeling skills. In either case, as far as I can tell from a small photo, there is a slight supression of surface detail on the form that contrasts nicely with the folds and wrinkles in the cloth, and both are enhanced by the smoothness of the surfing board. For a work of this type, it doesn't get much better than this!

So, if it derives from a bodycast, the sculptor still managed to work the surfaces so that it feels alive, rather than like a stiff doll-like reproduction, as we have seen in other bodycastings. If directly modeled, the observation and translation is apparently very true to life. My congratulations to whomever sculpted this.


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