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Re: Artist defends surfing sculpture amid criticism

Heath, I will agree with you that life-casts can be art, such in the case of George Segal ( I think he created beautiful works of art). But his process is also known and described so as not to confuse the works with things that have been sculpted by hand.
I believe your comparison of photography to painting is one of apples and oranges. They are very different processes, resulting in very different products. I paint and photograph and I would never diminish the skill it takes to be able to capture a really good photogragh. But in this case the processes are so different that I don't think it is fair to compare the two. Life casts and traditional sculpting give the same result at the end, and this is where I feel that life casts should at least be defined as such, because if not, they lessen the ability of the traditional sculptor. It would be like a machine programmed to cut and assemble metal in a predetermined shape, as oppossed to someone doing the entire process themselves. Painstakingly cutting the pieces and carefully welding them together. In the end the two would look the same, but wouldn't the one created by hand be something just a bit better? If the processes weren't listed, would you feel offended by the quickly produced, machine made sculpture? Maybe I'm not being clear, but it seems to me that practice and skill in ones area of art, should not be compared with those who take shortcuts and don't have the skill to create it by hand. They should be defined seperately and allow the viewer to make their assesment as to which piece is better.

Glenn, the sculptor in post #53 is Tom Marsh. I know him and I have seen this piece in person on a number of different visits to Santa Cruz. He most definately did NOT do a life cast. The base was designed by a seperate artist (part of the commision guide lines), but his figure is absolutely wonderful. He's an amazing artist with an undersatnding of anatomy that I hope to achieve someday. I've been very honored to have him critique my work back in college and to take a one day crash course on anatomy with him (it's been over ten years and I still have my notes).

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