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Re: Sculpting Stand

BMBourgoyne -

Yours is a serviceable solution. I've taken old 3-legged cast iron table bases (like the ones in cafes) and rigged them to pipes much like yours, tapped some holes in the side for stopping the rotation and drilled holes at a regular intervals for height adjustment. My problem is the darned flanges -- no one makes flat ones any more it seems to me. Have you run across this problem in your stands or is the levelness not that much of an issue to you perhaps? I find the levelness to be critical when working on anything symmetrical or figure work in general really.

Zazie -

Trailer jacks are definitely too wobbly as a main support, at least for my work. Please let me know if you find a source for the notched/screw type jack shown in those photos. I've scouted around for it recently as I am looking to build the same sort of stand and have noticed the same mechanism is used on some drill presses. Perhaps there's some replacement parts that can be ordered and outfitted for your purposes from a drill press vendor?
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