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3D Scanning with an iPhone?

I came across an interesting resource Itís a free on-line service to convert 2D photographs into 3D point cloud and then model.
I tested it with my Sony camera. Itís a pretty straightforward workflow (the image explains it):

Click image for larger version

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I took 16 overlapping photos of the capitol of a column and uploaded them to

Then I downloaded a result Ė itís a 3D point cloud in color. Then I cleaned it and made a mesh/polygon model. Itís a pretty dense and accurate, though the more you clean it the more details you lose. I posted a blue snapshot on how a zoomed mesh looks. These are just snapshots of a 3D model. I do not know how to show a 3D model in this post.

I zoomed point cloud and mesh model to show the difference. From the distance they both look almost the same.
Click image for larger version

Name:	PCvsMesh2.jpg
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What I havenít figured out is scaling. The scan has the right shape proportions but has only ďrelativeĒ size, so this service is not a measurement device.The other problem is that it will not work with polished metal or stone surface. Their engine is heavily relies on a texture.

I cannot yet figure out what to do with my scan, I will probably integrate it into something useful.

I will experiment with my iPhone as well as its 5 MP camera which is probably enough for simple projects.
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