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Re: 3D figure sketches

Originally Posted by fritchie View Post
I like the quick mold also. How did you make that - I've seen something similar by sculptors over here, but my molds always seem more elaborate and awkward.
simple as it gets fritchie, the original is in plasticene (oil clay),
the figure is posed so that the separating line runs straight down either side of the body,
the figure is suspended horizontally in a shallow box and plaster poured 1/2 way
(looks like she is floating in a bath)
when set, cut locating points, (I just used a countersinking bit)
paint on a mold release, (water, detergent and clay slurry)
and pour the top half,
you can pour the wax castings as soon as the plaster sets, wax won't stick to wet plaster and the shrinkage allows the casting to just drop out.
the whole process takes less than an hour.
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