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Re: How important is drawing for sculptors?

Originally Posted by pontes
Anyone here other than me think that drawing is by far more important than actually doing the sculpture?

I think that drawing is much more important to a sculptor than it is to a painter. But that is just moi.

Dude are you Tripping.I never had drawings for fifteen years ,and I metal sculpted full time.I enjoy the freedom of sculpting from my head with the materials at hand.Sure I would sometimes do thumbnails during the fabrication,but I work 3-d not 2-d.Now in the last five years I have had to have drawings because I do mostly commission work,but they are for the client more than me.I will also be a man and emmit that not drawing that swell has made commission work more difficult.I am in the process of designing a sculpture for the University I attend,and it has to be on paper to get the contracts ect,but seeing it in my head and drawing it 3-d are two different things.I imagine are high tech sculptors today have computer generated 3-d drawings,with cd to send to fab shop to pre cut their parts.I will post one of my early sculptures that was not drawn ,and actually started out as something else until I turned it upsidedown to weld.good thread to get the blood boiling in the morning.........m3
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