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Re: How important is drawing for sculptors?

freestanding figurative sculpture has many thousands of perspectives----so we may strat off as a painter, focusing on one point of view, but then as we move around the piece, problems arise, and changing the primary view to accomodate the other perspectives becomes an ongoing compromise working together to create a unified dynamic whole which is equally comfortable from all viewpoints.

so; sketching

as a subordinate tool for refining concepts and exploring perspectives i find it as good as taking myriad pictures (which give a 2d perspective view uncontaminated by 3d visual memory from any other perspective) and staring at them out of sequence and by finding the uncomfortable and favorite views, reguide the hand to improve the work

I think, that if you think that "drawing is by far more important than actually doing the sculpture" ....maybe you should just do that for awhile

In all fairness let me point out that I may invest lots of hours sketching----especially when I am foundering for a mental sails flapping from an untethered boom......sketching soothes and focuses the meandering mind .... and most especially helps me to back off from working the piece while staying in the game.

eg: [IMG]mermaid sketches[/IMG]

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