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Re: Your choice of medium for 10" human originals.

Originally Posted by Stephen Casey
I love my Premo polymer clay, but I would like to look into alternative mediums as well.

I will be casting duplicates, so the material could be any color, but not toxic to work with, fumes etc, not poreous like cloth.

What have you found to be the best material for creating around 10" human sculptures? Wax perhaps, something else?
Hi again Steven------I wuz getting ready to do a show at the inla and went and got back(there and back again----drinking bad coffee and eating road food has me a tad weary----I'll forward the hi res pix requested in art.....craft....previously within the week.....
I use oil clay almost exclusively-----and water clayfor ease of working.

I had thought that PVC was a carcinogen

Following the basic caveat that: Toxic phthalates can leach from PVC treated with softening plasticizers, and that: heating accelerates outgasing, and that:
I've already exposed myself to enough of this class of toxins to have weakened my liver---------I stear clear. From manufacturing to disposal, PVC has high environmental costs. Its full name is polyvinyl chloride, though it's generally known as vinyl; as the name implies, PVC contains a high percentage of chlorine--it's made with the carcinogen vinyl chloride, and dioxin and ethylene dichloride are byproducts of its manufacture. PVC is hardly recyclable and when incinerated releases both dioxin and hydrogen chloride gas. Dioxin is a very potent known carcinogen; it causes cancer and reproductive disorders, and bioaccumulates and persists in nature.

But chlorine and its dangerous compounds aren't the only problem. PVC is softened for certain uses with substances called plasticizers, stabilized and colored with heavy metals, and treated with fungicides. All these additives can be released in incineration--Greenpeace estimates that 100 toxins are released in a PVC fire. PVC is fire resistant, but smolders at lower temperatures, producing hydrogen chloride gas without visible signs of fire--a literally hidden danger

I guess we all gotta choose our own poisons.
And if you ain't doing a lot and ain't jaundicing(sp?)and keep a window(or14) open during the baking part................You may suffer no ill effects.

water clay will harden- to hold shapes through the molding process, but needs attention to avoid too much cracking. Also it ain't normally considered very toxic.

Wax comes in a wide range of hardness, and can be touched up with any metal tool heated in hot water----but; sometimes, wax fumes give me a headache.

Did this help?

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