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Re: Your choice of medium for 10" human originals.

Glad to see you in here. You hadn't posted that I can see for a while. Glad you are keeping busy.

Polymer Clay Fumes:
I have with some extensive searching only found a couple people that developed problems with it and both of these people also were allergic to perfumes and many other things. I have taken the precaution of moving the baking oven (toaster oven) to a large window where I plan to build a tent around it so almost all fumes go outside. A polymer artist that makes his living making dragons and such does this and I didn't see any harm.

In house I waste nothing, early models are ground up in the blender and added to later castings. But as end product there is little debating the terribly long life of these things, yet as a collectable PVC has potential to hold value for a very long time. (Limited Editions.)

I'ts looking like end product will be pewter or some other white metal, primarily because it helps with market penetration, expoture and higher profit margins.

But for the molding stage, I am all ears. I plan to acquire some sample clays and waxes next month and wanted input. Chavent has been mentioned a couple times and I look forward to giving it a try.

I am probably chasing my own tail, and procrastinating getting the work done. But is often profitable to look back and question our choices.
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