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Re: My first public monument!!

Okay guys, sorry for the long absence. I simply have a ton of work and very little time to do stuff online. I've taken many pictures of the process and hopefully I can get those downloaded and posted up here for you to see. But for now, I thought I'd post this picture:

This is the first time I assembled ALL the various parts. I've been checking part to part for alignment and seeing how things look, but I hadn't seen him with all the parts attached. He's been keyed and pinned together, but not permanently glued together. I'm keeping him in separate parts so it's easier to work on him. Plus he'll be molded in separate parts, and it's easier to do that now, than to try and cut him up later. His head, hands, hat, upper torso, and legs/base are all separate parts. The head and hands have been pinned together using square stock and a pin. The upper and lower halves have been joined by a key I made out of foam. He's supported in the back by a couple of pipes holding the upper and lower halves. He's actually stable on his own, but once I start pushing on him to apply the clay, he's going to start shaking, so the pipes keep him sturdy and are still easy to remove when I want to take the pieces apart.

I'll try and have more stuff for you guys soon.

Cheers for now!!

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