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Re: Noah.

Yes. I like evaldart's last post as well. And Chris'.

Oddist makes a good point about the dove. And this reminds us of how the story of Noah isn't a realistic narrative. It's not history, and Noah is not an ordinary man. The dove finding an olive leaf after the flood is pure symbolism (one is peace and the other heavenly power, I believe). But it's the 'heavenly power' I find somewhat offensive after the flood - man's having to offer sacrifices and obey God's demands. It's not a sympathetic version of the new regime! (And of course it doesn't work anyway - man is wayward. Given freedom of will the rules WILL get broken!). I do like, though, how the first Adam lost his state of innocence by an apple; and this one loses his 'perfection' by the grape! Nice touch that!

Note the rainbow/covenant as well.

A story a child wrote for me once (summarised):
God was in class with all the other little Gods. it was creative play time, and this one little God thought that he would create a MAN. Everyone else in class laughed and smirked. But noboby said anything - he was the slow learner after all. They'd all get on with something sensible - something that would work. The rest we know.....

For a moment, Noah stands outside this mess. The story offers us something that is better than the world it springs from.
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