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What are you working on?

Just wondering what type of things everyone is working on at this moment.
Please post, and send photos if you can. I'll go first.

I have a life size 7 year old girl, The ellie sculpture that I posted. It is number two and is going to her home church, so her arms and legs are sitting in wax and she is begging me to work on her. I allways work my waxes.

Two portraits at the foundry, boy and girl. I'll pick them up next week

A little 2 year old, Only have one photo of her in that position, and 3 at that age. UGGGGGGG , but I love her little feet. The socks and the sandles, well what can I say sooo cute!

Oh I have a commission that is so difficult. I am the 5th artist working on this women. She died a year ago, and her husband... well what can I say. The foundry won't even touch the piece, they have been through this before. Time to confront the client. I may be posting a warning about this man.

One of my students hired me to do her portrait, while she sculpted her husbands. They are going to bronze together. How sweet.

Well I won't talk about all the items I'm nursing , that should be another post.

How about you? What are you doing, what is in your studio now?
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