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Re: Is bodycasting really art?

I once read some apocryphal accounts of early Roman attempts at bronze casting. A slave would be covered in a mold and molten bronze poured. Possible / probable in the days of early experimentation. But the use of face death masks as a model for replication in bronze or marble seems to be factual.

We seem to be in a debate as to what is art and what is not, as also who is an artist and who is not. The repeated line of reasoning seems to be that art is a skill and artists are skilled. A multitude of viewers at art galleries wonder about the skill of Picasso or Henry Moore or Alexander Calder, or a M.F. Hussain. Whilst they have no problem admiring British or Euorpean equestrian art, the Last Supper, or the Pieta. While modern day collectors will spend a fortune for old masters for sheer investment value, they will decorate their corporate offices will modern art to impress that they are very much with the times. In other mediums, like photography, some pictures which hit the front page can make or break a nation, can create mass reaction, and can even cause grown ups to cry. During a trip to Vienna, Mozart uplifted me, as Bruckner caused me to wonder. At home my son freaks out on dark side of the moon. And then there is modern ballet, and musicals just as there was Shakespeare.

Pray tell what is art and who indeed is an artist.

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