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Re: A "carving" experiment

I have never been totally satisfied with only assembling bits of scrap...there is always an aggressive manipulation involved to let the process participate fully. So having this as yet another way of "having-my-way" with the matter is exciting.
Of course this will growing into a need for yet improved gear, as I'm not likely to remain with small works. And now, as the compositions are solidified the weights will be even more demanding (in material cost as well as handling).

But the best part is when the air-arc gouging torch aims errantly and back-splashes you with torrents of white-hot liquified steel. boots, cuffs and crevices become entryways for the stuff to find skin. I am spotted with tiny craters. But I cant do the leather costume...WAY too hindering and mummifying. Extra layers of the usual thrift store fare will have to do, I suppose.


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