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Re: Noah.

matt, Kilkenny excellent last posts.
although not articulated as well by my last post. it is this sence of backwardness, upside down {not that it is backwards or upside down. more like full spectrum} look at the story my mind was contemplating.
meaning noah doesent have to be about the man and what he did.

there is so much more thought to consider . so many slants and different perspectives, that could be used to perpetuate the essence of the thing.

and what great fuel bible stories offer.
and contemplating our very existence, and stories and wonderment of our creation and creator or the consideration of the lack of it.
an enactment only possible by a being of higher consciousness. that knows he is alive and mortal.

god like
behind a flaming sword that points every way, so that he does not find the tree of life and eats from it, and lives for ever, and becomes like one of us. [something like that]
one of a few i have considered for my sculptural propellment
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