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CloudDreamer wrote;
My artwork in scrap metal almost always has an ancient feeling to it. Sometimes I add bones. Our life experiences give the depth to our work, a place to go when seeking intuitive place.

Each of us has our own unique DNA to exhibit. Some can truly reach within, pull it out and thrill the audience (like Mozart, Bach, and countless other masters did/do) while others of us really struggle to display the beauty within. We first sort through the pain and suffering, dissapointment and disillusionment, rejection and etc.. Sometimes we spend our whole lives sorting through this rubble and may never display through our art who we each really are. No matter. It's the effort that deserves recognition.

I have always loved to sculpt the human figure. Laboring over its many complexities through the nights. It took a drawing teacher to open a window and let the sunshine in/out by pointing out the magic of gesture. Now I can actually see why some pieces work and others do not. Just thought I would share my excitment.
Victoria Varley
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