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Re: Ivory "Sculpture" Not Art

Originally Posted by PTsideshow View Post
Well it's a done deal.
White House Press release:
"Today we are also announcing a ban on the commercial trade of elephant ivory"

That's a good deal then, art should not involve brutally killing an animal for a pair of tusks, for that matter neither should "wall trophies" or entertainment, but the problem is not working American families buying the stuff it's the CHINESE and others over there- because intricate ivory carvings as art has always been a big part of China.
You have police/game wardens/whatever and others in Africa going out in the wilds at big expense tranquilizing elephants, and sawing their tusks off in a last-ditch effort to keep them alive by getting rid of the only thing anyone over there otherwise seems to value- the stupid ivory for carvings!
I've seen footage of an entire herd of elephants that had been gunned down and left to rot where they fell, the only thing gone were the tusks not the meat for food or anything else.

Mining gold or silver or whatever creates pollution and all, but it doesn't directly kill large animals for nothing more than to remove one small body part off!
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