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Re: Ivory "Sculpture" Not Art

Slaughter of elephant for their ivory for art is the problem. I repeat ivory carved trinkets and decorative collector items can no longer be considered art and craft but are considered evidence greedy commercial enterprise. No matter how "pretty" the carved ivory turns out it is an ugly result of human vanity.

Leave the Elephants alone and try carving plaster, stone or anything else besides ivory and help out these great animals. The 21st century can't bear much more elephant slaughter. Artists need to be cool, not insensitive to life.

Artists who are cool will consider bearing some responsibility for the material their work is made of. The rarity of material may raise art and craft market value but it also degrades art and artists who are becoming tainted by their involvement in ill gotten material.

Ivory apparently has a reputation for being a sweet and durable carving medium but alternatives could easily be employed to replace it for crafts. Stopping the age old custom and moving to another medium might be near impossible among ancient and time honored traditions which exist but it would be a really necessary and beneficial solution to the problem of the near extinction of elephant on earth.

People studying art who choose to be irresponsible about this do not deserve the title of "sculptor" let alone "artist" under any circumstances really. How anyone call themselves sculptors and even artists and then at the same time remain insensitive about the use of ivory acquired by elephant slaughter in the 21st. century?

The destruction of innocent wildlife for profit motive and vain decoration as well is unnecessary. Pretty big money rewards for pretty nice looking little decorations are what drives the market for ivory.

The market is a big and bad one for intricately and elaborately carved ivory in China. The artisans and sellers are rewarded well it seems and the buyers are continuing to pay plenty for more a if it were clay but there is plenty of clay and only a few elephants.

Meanwhile elephants are getting slaughtered for a mere fashionable object used for two things; decoration and making money selling to collectors. These activities I feel are not worth the slaughtering of elephant families.

Art believed bad or good by whosoever judges it is as such is not comparable to elephants since art is a man made object and elephants are living beings, not conceptions and objects.

There will always be plenty of art and artists but not so with elephants and other wild animals who deserve respect enough to be protecte and to be left unharmed by people.
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