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Re: The "I Love Lucy" bronze

Getting a god likeness is one thing but I think it's fair to expect a sculptor to be able to achieve something which at least looks like a human being.

Similarly if you take a commission to make a statue of a particular person for a public place I think it's extremely unwise to get too 'experimental'. Even more importantly once you've agreed a fee it's not very professional to just give up once you feel you have done your allocated hours, I mean seriously...get the actual face right first and be a bit more abstract with the rest of the figure if you're short of time and to be honest this doesn't look like a case of lack of time. In fact it looks like there has been a fair but more finishing and smoothing of the model than is necessarily the case with modern statuary.

After all if you're getting something cast in bronze the foundry costs and materials are a pretty big chunk of the budget.
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