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Re: The "I Love Lucy" bronze

Here's a much better closeup of the face:

And her hair:

A little more of the story with comments by the sculptor:

This is the new sculptor chosen to replace the work, now THIS lady has done some extremely good bronzes depicted on her web site, the new Lucy bronze should turn out great:

This explains a lot:

Jamestown artist Dave Poulin created the sculpture for Celoron couple Jetta and Mark Wilson as part of a private real estate transaction. They made arrangements to donate it to the village.
Construction work was done to create a pad for the statue, and a stone plaque was made to commemorate the occasion.
But the Wilsons, and everyone else in the village, had not seen it until the unveiling ceremony on Aug. 7, 2009.

A couple of dozen people were in attendance as a sheet was lifted off the statue.
“Everyone ... clapped,” recalled Shirley Sanfilippo, the clerk and treasurer of the town. She saw from the Wilsons faces that they weren’t happy.
“They were disappointed,” Sanfilippo said.

The former mayor, and later, Schrecengost, talked to Poulin, who had been contacted over the years about fixing the statue.
Poulin apparently wanted between $8,000 to $10,000 to fix it, according to Schrecengost. The village didn’t want to spend any tax money on the project. Poulin also suggested they put it in storage.

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