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Re: 3-d Sculpture Modeling Programs - Sculptris

Hi All
I have joined the ranks of the 3 D world.
Spent a few hundred hours learning ZBrush and love it.

Now what I am doing is creating works in the usual way (Analog) and adding an interior structure using ZBrush to design it and then I will print the mold and sand cast just the interior in bronze and weld the two together.
A mix of analog and digital!

I am very excited about it and this is the first piece.

I created the original piece in 2013 and did not like the stand that held it up.
The Frame was not strong enough and I was afraid it would break in shipping.
As well I did not really like the frame, aesthetically it did not work for me.

With Zbrush I created a new support system that I am about to print.
here are the photos of the bronze as it is and the design of the supporting structure.

Having great funů

Let me know what you think.
Don't worry lots of thick skin on me!

The first three pictures are the piece as it is now
Photo 4 is a bad scan of the original piece with the interior structure inside
The last photo is only the interior design.
I'll post the finished work when it is done in Jan. 2016

Cheers Blake
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