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Re: Forum Hiatus

Originally Posted by obseq View Post
If only...*gears turning*

Nice to see your name again, Rika.
Hey, Obseq, you too!

Originally Posted by Andrew Werby View Post
It's nice that some of the "regulars" are still checking in. We can still have a lively discussion, if somebody has a topic they'd like to talk about - Any ideas?
I think we all need to understand that if we want this forum revived, it is not enough to just show up, check-in, drive-by...We all need to contribute, at least for a while, until others start showing up. And we also need to encourage people to post. I will start a new topic and will try to invite back past members I am in contact with. Please you do your part too. We all love the visuals, show your work, share your experiences, impressions on art and sculpture. Check out Art Lounge for
starters on a topic that has been perplexing me for a while.

*message sent to a few members, now let's see how many show up, haha. (Dammit, I forgot where to find those emoticons!)

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