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Re: 3-d Sculpture Modeling Programs - Sculptris

Sorry I have not been here in a while.

Originally Posted by mkochsch View Post
Blake when you wrote " print the mold " how exactly did you do this. Was this to scale? Thx.
There are all sorts of people printing molds, it is just the negative of the digital file, but it is much more difficult as the print is built of layers of sand (or other power material) and these layers are bound together with a type of binder (glue). The rub is that you must open the mold to get all the unbound sand out of the mold in order to pour the bronze in.

It is a one use mold. You can find lots of foundries that will do it for you.
All you need is a digital file... so you build one in a program like Zbrush

I am LOVING Zbrush it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once you have a digital file you can make it any size you want.
I am printing a test at 20 cm and once we have a great product then we will print the same file in 3 pieces at 60cm each so the sculpture will be 180cm or about 6 feet tall.... same file different size

What I am working on with my foundry in Bologna is a ceramic shell cast.
We are working on a print in a material that will burn out of the shell without leaving ash or residue so that the surface of the bronze is smooth and clean.

I'll let you know how it works out!!!
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