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Re: Oldenburg Sues/Everybody Sues/ Sculpture Sits

I could not agree more with Ries. I think process is important only in so far as it works to create the best result. Bernini had a workforce of assistants helping him to keep up with all of the commissions. Which one of his sculptures would not be considered a work of art? Scale is not a factor in my mind either. Quality is. I think that Bartholdi and Borglum maintained quality in their projects. In contrast, that huge Maitreya buddha statue that is being built and was discussed on this forum some months ago, lacks a quality that from my perspective would qualify it as art, in the way that certain mass-produced small brass ones don't read as art either.

The current 3-d prototyping models we have seen thus far don't strike me as art either, because of the mechanized look that lacks soul. If and when the technology is no longer a limit to the expression of that intangible human element that I call soul, then I will admit to it being just another tool like a chisel that enables an artist to produce art.
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