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Re: Oldenburg Sues/Everybody Sues/ Sculpture Sits

I do appreciate the essence of... "The best Art risks meaninglessness, flirts with confusion and tantalizes with the prospect of the unforseen" and Claus Oldenburg's best art lives up to that standard.

The news of Coojie's health is sad and it's also discouraging to hear that a sculpture project with so much financial support has become a difficult situation for all of the people involved. Ivan Karp said "any press is good press" but that may not be applicable here, eh?

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The subject of "who" actually makes the art, as well as who doesn't is intreguing to me. Damian Hirst has 168 employees and stated in an interview with Charlie Rose, that he doesn't have to make anything as long as he originates the idea. This is a concept that I do have a problem with as it blurs the imaginary boundary which I've always perceived as seperating artists from designers. It is my opinion that one source of bad art is people who do not develop ideas by actually working with a chosen material, but choose instead to bypass the learning process and experience by paying others to execute works. This tends to be a person of financial means and not one who actually devotes the time required to develop skills that can nurture a sculptural form into existance.

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Have you seen Gaudi's sculpture Ries? Much in the spirit of Brancusi, I was told that he learned a lot about form, space and materials by working with his hands and getting dirty.
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