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Re: A Late Summer Visit to Carrara

I will definitely check it out. I have been to Cararra once. My wife tossed me out because I was to busy carving Veemont marble.. So I took a woman student with me. Stayes at Hotel Michelangelo , carved at SKS if memory serves me, and bought $5000 USD of various marble blocks to be shipped to Goshen Ct., the co owner remarked you Americans have a lot of money to which I said, no just credit, it was wonderful... When I got home she took everything Lol, but, she didn't get this story.... Love to visit the quarries one more time before I die, ( not that I have plans ) heady stone abstract commissions at that time... The stream behind my room ran white.... You just don't forget Carrara ever... Or vengeful wives, funghi anyone?
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