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figurative sculpture

In response to the inquiry about the structure of the conference on Figurative Sculpture. We try to keep conflicts in scheduling to a minimum. There are no major panels or speakers across from one another. In larger conferences like Pittsburgh or Houston that is not possible but in this case we are able to use that approach. There are optional activities like tours of Johnson Atelier or the GFS sculpture park that are going on all day, and there will be some cases where we are going to set up a panel on Internet and Portfolio opportunities across from a more technical session.

With regard to mentoring sessions. The way this was set up in Chicago seemed to work very well. At registration we had signup sheets with bios of each of the mentors. We limited the audience to 20 people to give an opportunity to interact with the artist. The sessions were designed so that the artist gave a very brief (5 minute) talk about their work and then the questions flew, mostly about survival tactics as an artist. The sessions occurred over lunch time.

I hope that figurative sculptors in the region will respond favorably to this conference since it will set the stage for future conferences on the topic and future sessions at other conferences. Please spread the word and register early to save.

Rob Fisher, ISC Conference Chair
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