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Re: Are Social Networks Any Good?

You are already using a form of online networking by using this forum. You have to use the communication channels that suit you. If you have a good video of your sculptures or sculpting or whatever you can post it to youtube. You could also embed that youtube video in your own website.

Facebook allows you to stay in contact with friends or groups. It can be used as a notice board or event organiser/invitation platform. Using it doesn't have to stop you going out and meeting people for real, just as using this forum doesn't stop you meeting people.

As for getting direct sales - I doubt that facebook in itself will do that for you. What it can do is help you to raise your profile and therefore indirectly (potentially) get sales through the accumulative effect of being part of it and many other social groups and networks.

I think you have to have the incliniation to use facebook and frankly I find it an excerise in procrastination. I have a greater inclination towards blogging but only do this once ot twice a month. It adds a more personal element to my website (an small insight into me as an artist).

How did you envisage using social networking for sales?

Let us know if you decide to start using them.
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