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Material help


I am doing an Independent Learning project this semester focused on realistic figurative sculpture. I plan on doing a series of clay faces as well as some miniature full figures.

I am in the middle of writing a grant application to help with the cost of materials. I have the clay from the school, but I am in need of help with choosing the rest of the materials. I plan on using both wax and oil based clay for the small figurative sculptures, I also just ran across some wax based clay and it sounds interesting. I will use the oil or wax based clay to make models that will have molds taken of them and then cast in plaster or hydra stone.

I was wondering if you could recommend some mold products and also some clay's and wax's. If there is anything that I not aware of that is helpful please let me know, most of my sculpture has been abstract thus far so this is a new endeavor for me.

I need to have a rough cost estimate for the grant application.

Thank you,

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