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bonjour hello i am working in a big project in art deco regarding the work of rateau and jean michel frank i design and mixed their work i am leaving in france but i will leave france to new zealand and when my collection will be finish i would like to show the savoir faire of the french becaus the quality of the bronze and the carving regardin the ornemtation and the patine is wonderfull i am working with one of the sculptor of hermes in paris to realised exceptionnel furniture and i am doing the top of the chest of draw in bronze it s a different quality and it s cost so much because regarding of the carving my idea is to produce 8 PEACES with the same top wit different patine to do the prototype cost me a lot of monney i wonder if i am doing a mould in rubber elastomere and fly to thailand if i can have a good deal and have also a top quality thanks you to respond to me i am also looking to get into net working regarding my work thank you and sorry to be french they are so arrogant
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