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Re: Parks Bronze

I don't know, I assumed all foundries cast whatever the client needs cast provided it's within the capability of the foundry and their equipment.
They did suggest a place who makes centrifugal casts for jewelry for some medallions I also made back then, but only because their ceramic shell method would have been more expensive to cast them that way.
As they say "money talks" and few these days anyway can afford to turn down ANY work, that could be one reason why Weston-studio went out of business years ago, and Parks is still in business.

There's probably not a lot of calls these days for lifesize to 25 foot tall bronze civic monuments and maybe Weston turned away a lot of smaller jobs hoping to work on monumental stuff, but those kinds of projects don't pop up every week!

in my case I had told Parks I was not in a rush to get the cast immediately and they could cast the dog when they had some other casting going on, I supplied the finished wax and did the patina and mounting myself.
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