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Originally Posted by mantrid View Post
if youare going to do a lot of these it might be worth yourwhile to use one of the chased waxes to make a new mould out of a good silicone rubber. you could then cast waxes in a few mins.
That's what I would do these days, but I only plan to cast one of each design- for myself, there's so many dog bronzes all over the place on Ebay and everywhere else these days I doubt I'd even sell any, especially with the economy as it is.
I have a sitting Greyhound reproduction I used to cast back in the mid 80's out of hydrocal, I sold over 100 of them back then, but now with so much junk on Ebay and the web and searching for "greyhound" pulls up thousands of hits I haven't even sold one in the 3 months it's been listed on Ebay to see if it was worth re-issuing, no doubt because there's thousands of Greyhound statues that come up in the searches. Back in the 80s there was no internet or Ebay, so people's options to even find such items to buy were extremely limited and choices were few.

Mny ofthe guys on the forum have been casting metal for many years, one or two that i know have worked in a foundry. alot are operating small part time businesses doing casting , mainly automotive stuff. im pretty sure that if anyone volunteers to do the work they will be up to the task. As I dont think they would risk the embarrassment of cocking it up if they werent up to the job

you could always post a picture there of you wax pattern and see what response you get even if its just for some advice, they love looking at pics
Yeah I see, well I'll browse the threads and see how it goes, photos for sure yes.
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