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Re: Is bodycasting really art?


I would love to have the opportunity to study as you are...unfortunately, I have to struggle on my own...but I too like the inturpretation of the "hands on" approach to sculpting.

I wonder though, the "pointingmachine" used long, long ago, and still today, to transfer a model to stone or other medium..isn't this just "connecting the dots?" The model could be a hand built clay or plaster---or a live model, if able to stand still long enough.

Couldn't body casting just be considered a product of technical advancement in materials allowing for rapid reproduction of a subject. Casts of anything can be made and turned into something called "ART." For example, Rachel Whiteread's works.

Just some thoughts...

"Important artists are innovators whose work changes the practices of their successors; important works of art are those that embody these innovations."
Galenson, David W. Old Masters and young geniuses, Princeton University Press, 2006
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