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Re: Is bodycasting really art?


Oh, I don't underestimate the ability to self-teach...I just don't have the time. And that's my problem to deal with.

So, if pointing is an easy way of transferring information from an already conceived work to another medium, does "laser" scanning fall into the same category? I suppose so..

And isn't a living thing an already conceived work?

Maybe the needs of the artist should be taken into consideration. One might not need the satisfaction of direct, hands-on work...The end result maybe of greater creative importance to an individual...

There also may be the need for "immediate" results on the part of some..After all, we do live in an impatient, results oriented, striving for success society..

"Important artists are innovators whose work changes the practices of their successors; important works of art are those that embody these innovations."
Galenson, David W. Old Masters and young geniuses, Princeton University Press, 2006
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