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Re: Is bodycasting really art?

This has been a very interesting thread to follow...
I am a very new sculpture student. Mostly I am a suburban housewife who goes to museums on a reasonably regular basis without any background or education in art. And while I am embarrassed to admit this, it may go some way in supporting an aspect of Jason's argument- I have apparently seen figures that have been casted and thought them to be sculpted, as I remember being amazed at the virtuosity of sculpting in the pores and fine lines of the skin! So again, I admit to being a total rube, but now I also feel misled. I like seeing effort, skill AND creativity all wrapped up together. Art has a fairly tenuous position in modern society, it seems. While the boundaries keep getting pushed by artists they leave us rubes so far behind we just scratch our heads, because so much of it seems irrelevant and removed from our understanding. I'm not saying art has to hold our hands, stroke our hair and spell everything out, but I think artists have to understand that it will be harder and harder to find the money to support urine in a jar with a crucifix because average joe thinks it's either sacriligious or puerile. From the outside it appears to be a secret society where art is made for other artists and then we get to pay for the priviledge of it in our museums. Perhaps this is part of Jason's point, or at least part of what creates the desire to make a distinction. Anyway.... just two cents from the "rube" contingent.
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