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Re: Is bodycasting really art?


Having read your post I would say you are not the 'rube' that you think you are. You understand some basic human responses better than quite a few experienced artists do.


The Romans used this form of 'bodycasting' in creation of an effigy that was used in funeral ceremonies specifically...not as a part of their creation of figurative statuary. The distinction may seem small, but it removes the usefulness from the parallel between them and our present culture's use of body casting as art.

I'll grant you that it does establish the age of the process though. It makes sense that man began early to experiment with 'duplicating' his own image in a more direct fashion. The use of skill to fashion classical sculptures, however, was the norm and not by using any casts from life. All the way down to Rodin's day, to be thought of as one who cast from life was to be considered a hack....less than an artist.

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