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Re: Is bodycasting really art?

It is apparent that this discussion will go nowhere as long as 'some' of us close our mind to other points of view and are opionated. In his first post on this thread, Jason wrote that he wanted to know what others think about this topic. And others are telling, but...

Instead of filling up the chasm that seperates art and the people at large, this attitude of anything and everything cannot be art, will deepen it. Why on earth do we try to create art? For our own gratification? For public monuments? For praise of our ability to carve a Michaelangelo? To make a statement? To earn a living? What is our purpose? Can anybody and everybody afford to purchase our creations? How does our work impact on the lives of people at large?

If 'some' of us want to use a live mask of an individual long dead, to create a portrait, and then perhaps indulge in the glyptic art, thats just fine. Or perhaps one may proceed to the lost wax process, leaving the actual process to those who do it routinely.

If it is my objective to study the human form with the dedication of Michaelangelo and achieve the skill he had to bring marble to life, I will dedicate my life to the activity. But I will not write off others who use other methods to achieve the same, because I am too focused on my own work.

Are we trying to increase the distance from the mundane by saying that art cannot and should not be trivial. Is my five year old grandson's sketch of me trivial? I love his sketch because of its originality. Or should I wait until he grows up, studies sculpture, and carves my likeness in marble, without the spontaneity.

Lets us take the question of 'what is art' , turn it inside out and ask 'why is everything art or why can anything be art?

Before you try to shoot me down, let me tell you that I studied the nude for four years until 1969, and since then I use my skills to create likenesses down to skin textures. Why ? Because my art is actually used by people who are disfigured (as a camouflage), so my creation has to be so lifelike as to be mistaken for the real thing. I have mentioned this before in other threads and somewhat explained the process.

But catch me looking down at the means others use.

"granpa tandi, see my sketch" "At last I know what my soul looks like, sonny"
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