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Re: Is bodycasting really art?

This is going to seem to be OT but bear with me it isn't.

I studied sculpture at university, had a career in fine wines, know how to cook as well as most professional chefs and do consider myself an audiophile. My ex is a stage actress and director.

All these things are subjective yet each and every one requires objectivity, training and a specialized vocabulary to be able to communicate about them. The key words here are subjective and objective. All people rely on their senses to create their reality. When you view, smell, taste and listen it causes a reaction that is subjective and personal.

To be able to communicate about our subjective perceptions we become objective and with specializations even create a vocabulary.

Since one persons subjectivity is not the same as anothers the emotional context created by viewing, smelling, tasting and listening is going to vary. We are each and every one the center of our universe and how we percieve it is personal. It is not possible or correct to assume that our objectivity based on our subjectivity is the only way to percieve things.

Thus is Art. It is emotion. It is subjective. No objective arguement can change that. To make an example of a unique artifact and state that it is or isn't art based only on personal subjectivity about the process used to create it is..............fill in the blank.

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